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MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION of The Royal Society of St. George

In Queensland
 The Branches of the Royal Society of St George in Queensland as the standard bearer of traditional English values are united in this Aim:
To foster the love of Australia, our Great Nation:-
  • By strengthening the beliefs and values of our English Heritage
  • Spreading the knowledge of our histories, traditions and ideals.

Its Objects as laid down in its Royal Charter are:
  1. To foster the love of England and to strengthen England and the Commonwealth by spreading the knowledge of English history, traditions and ideals.
  2. To keep fresh the memory of those in all walks of life who have served England or the Commonwealth in the past, in order to inspire leadership in the future.
  3. To combat all activities likely to undermine the strength of England or the Commonwealth.
  4. To further English interests everywhere, to ensure that St. George’s Day is properly celebrated and to provide focal points the World over where English men and women may gather together.

Download Membership Application Form for The Royal Society of St George Download Membership Application Form for The Royal Society of St George (43.49 KB)